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The new prescription is awesome and I actually feel like a human again. It might be the meds or it might be deciding to do everything that I don’t want to do. Or it might be that I’ve decided to stop myself from reflecting and analyzing my own thoughts.
Perhaps it’s a […]

A day in the life

1am - lying wide awake in bed
2am - lying wide awake in bed
3am - scrubbing down the kitchen
4am - sleep finally arrives
7am - woken up by a panic attack
8am - woken up by a panic attack
9am - again. gave up on sleeping
10am - hit by waves of panic
11am - and so it continues
12pm - it […]

Today I told my therapist that I give up. I said that I’ve run out of ideas to try to help myself but tonight I think the truth is that I’ve run out of the will to help myself. Perhaps things will be better if I stop trying so damn hard because if […]

Have you seen the rain?

It’s a glorious day out, but today, even the sun is too much for me. Fuck. This. Shit. So. Hard.

Some days

Some days I have thoughts like this.
I wonder how fast people build up a tolerance to Celexa.