Day 4

Posted on Monday 6 March 2006

Oh my, did I have a good day? No, really, did I?

The day started off strangely (I take the pill around midnight, so when I say “the day”, I literally mean when the calendar flips). On days 2 and 3, the pills knocked me out not long after I took them. Day 4 though, I don’t think I could have slept if I tried. I was up till 5am working to meet a deadline, so in a way, it was lucky that the pill didn’t knock me out and that I had something to keep me busy.

Most of the other symptoms, I have a hard time figuring out if it is because of the medication or if it’s just me. I mean the tremors and the anxiety increased but the headaches, stomachaches and vertigo are things that happen to me without the pills too. The sleeping thing though, is definitely not like me at all. I live for sleep. In fact, I have been sleeping too much lately, so this sleeplessness thing is definitely the pill.

Anyhow, it’s therapy day tomorrow and I’m looking forward to saying that it’s been a good week. Well, if you don’t count my freaking out the night I took the first pill, that is, but I’m not going to beat myself up about that because it’s a scary thing to do and it’s normal to be scared.

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