Day 12

Posted on Tuesday 14 March 2006

Yesterday was therapy day and I was asked to try two things this week. First, I need to cut back on the sleeping to only 8 hours a day from the 12+ hours from last week - a task which I have already failed miserably at this first morning. Second, I need to set my work hours and if I don’t get anything done in those hours, that’s it for the day. It’s supposed to force me to focus when I need to, allow me to unwind at the end of the day, and not give myself hell for procrastinating and then extending my “working hours” to 3am. I’m interested to see if this would work. I mean it will be easy to follow since it is cutting down on my work hours, but we’ll see if this increases my productivity. We shall see. I also gave myself a task for the week, which is to leave the apartment everyday, so Monday to Friday, I must go to school and then Saturday is breakfast at the Diner and then Sunday is coffee at Starbucks. I already don’t want to go to school today because it’s not very pretty out but I will.

In terms of the meds, I’m meeting the doctor tomorrow so we’ll see if I will be continuing with this or not.

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